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The What

YUMMY is an 8 week self empowerment course. it encompasses the following elements:

  • YOGA (intermediate poses)

  • UNDERSTANDING bringing awareness of the power of mindfulness and choice.

  • MOVEMENT through both yoga and exercise.

  • MEDITATION to quiet the mind, manifest what we want, and decipher between what is truly YOU and when our 'chattering mind is at play.

  • YOU life is about you, we want you to see what you are capable of and how, when we treat ourselves with love ,compassion and trust we are better equiped to help those we love and raise the light in others.

The Where

Lordswood Leisure  Centre

North Dane Way




The  How

Contact me by email at and we can arrange a chat to check out if YUMMY is for you.


I only accept a total of 8 participants per course.

The course cost is £250 and it is very important that you are committed to the full 8 weeks and that you bring with you an open mind. There are no other  pre-requisites. I am a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor and qualified to carry out meditations. All of my meditations are original written by myself. A full health and wellness questionnaire will be completed before the first date of the course, pre existing health conditions are not an obstacle to taking part in my course.

The next course dates are as follows:

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