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As we live we often take for granted the things, people and places around us. We assume we that by virtue of being alive that we should be entitled to certain things and when we don’t get those things we then blame others, our situation any thing to not have to take responsibility.

Before we know it we have forgotten who we are and assume the identity of those around us or worse that others expect of us. This victim mentality was me. Living from self induced crisis to self induced crisis and looking to be rescued. Living like this will eventually manifest situations to reinforce our belief as what we think about we bring about.

I was this person,

I embodied this person until in October 2007 my little boy Mikey was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a rare childhood cancer. After a battling 4 years we lost him, he was 8. After his death I initially felt relief, it was over, the pain was gone. Suddenly 6 months later it hit me what that relief represented. My baby my best friend had gone. YUMMY is what has happened since that day and how I went from suicidal and lost, to purposefull, loving life and having a belief that far from being a victim I am a creator with a story and a system that would help others realise their power.


YOGA each session includes some beginner to intermediate yoga poses to bring us to a mindful place of calm and clarity.

UNDERSTANDING more about the stories we tell ourselves and the results we can gain from taking a moment to decipher what is a short term sticking plaster and a long term result.

MEDITATION to teach us to remove the clutter of the mind and make clear our true purpose and desires. We do this with the Chakras in mind.

MOVEMENT because there is no better way to change your state and we achieve this with the physical postures (asana) of yoga and exercise. YOU, how do you speak to yourself? What do you really want? Are you nice to yourself? What are your goals? YUMMY sets processes in motion for awareness and practical ideas for true forward movement.

If you feel stuck in life and feel your maybe ready to make a change and create yourself how you truly want to be YUMMY has a proven record of changing the way people see the world and often the wonder of themselves.

See you soon

Kelli Rose Cullen JNR PT


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